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I’m a spy from Apple? April 30, 2009

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While I was “shopping” @ the Stanford Shopping Center for our project, I decided to visit a few stores and ask about what the #1 selling item was in the store and why they think people love it so much.


2 of the stores had an unexpected reaction to my questions….

One of the workers at the Sony store asked me if I was a spy from Apple! He was serious. I was like, “No. I’m not a spy from Apple. I just wanted to know why you think people love one flat screen over the other. It’s for a class project…..” He gave me a weird look. 

At the Lacoste store, I asked someone, “Which item is the most popular right now? What color polo do men/women buy the most of?”

He said, “Why do you want to know this?”

Me: “:-/  It’s for a class project.”

Him: “Well, you can’t ask those types of questions and not expect people to question why you want to know this information.”

Me: “I apologize. I didn’t think that the #1 seller/color was top secret.”

Him:  :-/ 

Conclusion: People are way to sensitive about random information regarding top selling items. 


One Red Paperclip April 30, 2009

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In the other day’s class, someone suggesting trading the barometer to find out the height of the building. And it reminded me how different things have very different importance to others. The video is about a guy who started with a red paper clip and wanted to trade his way up to a house. This story is a few years old, so a lot of you may have already heard of this, but I’m still amazed that he was able to pull it off.

Stanford Shopping Center April 30, 2009

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I thought this project was a lot of fun. I think I already subconsciously made these small observations, but don’t often think of the improvements all the way through. Specifically regarding our project with Nike, I was really surprised to find out how much thought the store managers put into the layout of the store. And I was pleased to see how hard they try to cater to their customers.

While I enjoyed everyone’s presentations, I particularly liked the Victoria’s Secret Shopping Guide for Men and the Sprinkles Puppet show. I was blown away by their presentations.

Rapping Flight Attendant April 30, 2009

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As my group worked on writing out the assumptions of the airline industry, I thought of this video I saw on youtube recently. It was a creative, fun switch to the typical flight routine you see on any carrier.

Check it out:

My iPod Notes from the IDEO tour April 30, 2009

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Sam from Ideo give a tour of Prototyping room

Ideo tour

Excuse the spelling errors, but I would like to share my notes and thoughts from the IDEO tour.

Forensics station
More resolved physical prototypes



Blood donor system
Redesign the experience
Have people share their stories
Why I give
To help them become familiar

Made to stick

Be human centered
Design with sincerity
Encompasses everything

How to break down the barriers between departments
No office
No desk
I come and ask who do I need to connect with today

When you work with a company the people internal will not Like you
The key is collaboration

Talkk to the company
Who are you what isyour brand all about
Help see their futur through another looking glass

Build the product
Version two has higher quality material

Case study 1 blood bank

Case study 2
cookiomg ware

Case 3

Western digital books
New view

Case study 4
Kaiser permanent
How do we work people
Worked with the nurses
Because they know the INS and out

Serving competitor
Serve one at a time
Have different office works for different companies
Work this into the contract

We don’t control patent or worry about ip

Clients have had a hard time understaning that we are not experts of anything so we are not responsible for infringement

We don’t foster experts
It’s generalists
People who can bring in lots of ideas

d.EXTREME team brainstorming with post-its for the shopping center project


Need candy to think!


Our strategy to begin was to list all the present problems we know from our own experience.

Share any interesting features of a shopping mall we want to explore.

See if we found any similarities.



Three d.EXTREME members were then able to meet up on Monday to check out the mall ahead of time.

We went to about 5 stores: clothing, furniture, tech toys and candy store.

Shopping center project April 30, 2009

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Team Camp Six had a great time doing the Sprinkles Cupcakes puppet show. But while walking around the shopping center looking for the ideal stores to do the project on, all of us looked at how we could improve the user experience, address one pain point or many. Shopping is all about the customer/user. It is an experience where both the buyer and seller have to be satisfied. And for that, we have to BE that user. All team’s prototypes and ideas were from the perspective of the customer.

I loved the Nike trial room redesign presentation. It captured so many improvements that could revolutionize trial rooms. Recently while trying out a dress one size too small at a store, I realized that the customer experience would be greatly augmented if there could be the technology to have the next size garment brought to the trial room. Such a pity stores don’t have it yet. Awesome idea team!

Reflections on Victoria’s Secret April 29, 2009

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As the only girl member of our group, I was at first unable to view Victoria’s Secret in the eyes of a male shopper who had never before perused the store. However, after a while I was able to put on my male “goggles” and I observed how male shoppers (both with and without their significant others) were visibly uncomfortable inside the store.

Julian’s experience inside the store:


We were also a little surprised at the lack of resources for the men who did happen to be inside the store shopping, and the inconsistency in customer service exacerbated the problem. Our recommendations helped remedy some of the issues, and we hope that if we are able to present our findings and recommendations to Victoria’s Secret.

Revamped website

Sketch of guy’s guide

Example pamphlet:



I really enjoyed this project, and feel like I’ve learned a lot in a very short period of time!

The History of Victoria’s Secret April 29, 2009

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As you may remember, Team Chumbawamba focused on improving the experience for male shoppers at Victoria’s Secret.

Clueless Male Shopper at Victoria's Secret

Only after we chose Victoria’s Secret as our Stanford Shopping Center project, we find out the relevant and highly coincidental history behind the popular lingerie chain. Excerpt from Wikipedia.org:

Victoria’s Secret was started in San Francisco, California, in 1977 by Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus Roy Raymond,[3] who felt embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in a public and awkward department store environment. He opened the first store at Stanford Shopping Center, and quickly followed it with a mail order catalog and three other stores.[3]The stores were meant to create a comfortable environment for men, with wood-paneled walls, Victorian details and helpful sales staff. Instead of racks of bras and panties in every size, there were single styles, paired together and mounted on the wall in frames. Men could browse for sexy styles for their girlfriends so they could get “down and dirty” and then sales staff would help estimate the appropriate size, pulling from inventory in the back. In 1982, after 5 years of operations, Roy Raymond sold the company to The Limited. … Victoria’s Secret makes use of a rigorous customer service model, stressing upselling, frequent staff attention, and signing customers up for a store credit card that provides discounts for frequent shoppers in the way of coupons by mail and free merchandise.

We were at Ground Zero last week noticing a problem that Victoria’s Secret had originally been meant to address!

I loved this project. Kudos to the teaching staff for introducing it in the class this year!

What Does Ubiquitous Data Mean for Creativity? April 29, 2009

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Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP of Product Management at Google, has 4 recommendations for students pursuing careers in the 21st Century:

1. Be Open. We are in the age of combinatorial innovation. Starting in the 1800s with interchangeable parts to the 1960s with integrated components and now mashups with APIs. A big challenge for our generation is to think not only about competition but collaboration.
2. Assume a super computer. Whether you believe in Moore’s law or not, assume you will eventually have free storage, bandwidth, and processing power. Keep in mind that convergence is happening in the cloud, not the device.
3. Become a data samurai. Data is the sword of the 21st century. The scarce factor is the ability to understand data.
4. Think of big problems and you’ll solve small ones along the way.

Creativity is ingrained in each of Rosenberg’s recommendations as we “learn to learn” for the rest of our lives.

Enrique Allen

Revamping the Bicycle Industry April 28, 2009

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Someone in class mentioned that the bicycle industry is in need of a face-lift. 

THis website lists some creative ways to harness the energy of human-derived pedal power.



Here’s a picture of one device featured on the website listed above.