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“Uncharitable”…Creative? or Just Wrong? April 12, 2009

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I consider myself someone heavily invested in the non-profit scene.  I am part of an organization that puts on a large convention each summer to raise money for various causes in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.  I stumbled across this video after hearing about the book “Uncharitable” and I feel that Pallotta takes a creative yet practical approach to raising money for social cause.  

“Pallotta reviews the frugal, almost prudish constraints the public expects from nonprofits, everything from a ban on paid advertising to substandard wages for nonprofit employees. But if we want the nonprofit sector to do without the successful tactics of the business sectorhow can we expect the nonprofi t sector to aspire to greatness?” — Renee Irvin



1. dennisideocom - April 12, 2009

very compelling db

2. sbergstedt - April 13, 2009

If anyone is interested, Dan Pallotta is speaking tomorrow, Monday, Apr 13th from 11-11:50 AM in Terman.

3. johnshinozaki - April 16, 2009

puritans were capitalists? or some puritans? interesting..

non profits unable to spend lots of money on marketing in creating a demand….interesting

non profits not allowed to take big risks and fail…interesting

non profits are not allowed to take investments? only donations?

John Shinozaki

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