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I Want to…LIVE LIKE ANIMALS! April 15, 2009

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Animals have inspired soooooo many inventions that humans use! –>Prosthetics, devices that allow blind people to “see”, cars, and even swimsuits!

This Flex-Foot prosthetic was inspired by the rear leg of a cheetah and gives the runner more altitude.



A bat is an echolocating animal, because it emits calls out to the environment and listens to the returning echos so that it can identify an object and determine how far away it is. The Ultracane uses technology that allows visually impaired humans to use echolocation in the same way.




The Mercedes Benz Bionic concept vehicle was modeled after a blowfish! .

…..a green blowfish…..


Speedo created a swimsuit design that was inspired by shark’s skin. It is sought after by many Olympic swimmer’s who claim that it increases their speed and reduces drag.



You CAN take something that animals use for THEIR everyday survival, and use it to create OUR latest cutting-edge technology! When you find yourself in a creative block, think about the animals!




1. Drew - April 15, 2009

These are some really cool concepts.

2. mcomeara - April 16, 2009

Thanks for this posting! I followed the link from the Ultracane pic and stumbled upon a really cool organization that models all of their devices from the natural world. Check it out at http://www.biomimicryguild.com/.

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