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What I wish when I am 20. April 15, 2009

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I’m reading Tina’s new book right now.  I’ve already got my copy.  The first chapter starts with $5.  I mean the $5 challenge.  There is a video of it on youtube, which was embedded in the front page of my site http://whackpedia.com for quite some time.  It still exists on http://whackpedia.com/whack/index.php?title=Entrepreneurship and I’ll leave it to you all to watch the amazing video and contribute further to that page if you so choose.  In fact, the wallet exercise we did in class today is also a part of the video, that’s where I saw it first.

I like wikipedia, but I realized the scope for improvement was tremendous, and I didn’t have the privileges necessary to make the improvements, so I decided to start my own whackpedia.com.  For one thing, you can only write on wikipedia what is either extremely widely accepted or what you’ve already published in a major journal, newspaper, or book.  For another, you can’t quite be creative, take credit for your work, create your own profile, embed videos and so forth…come on posts without ability to embed video in web 2.0?  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time and budget to do machine learning to truly enhance the user experience and interface just yet.  But I promise to do it, as soon as possible, but don’t let that keep you waiting from using the great features it already has.

Now what I really wish when I am 20, is that people start to realize that being wrong often is the right thing to do in creativity.  With whackpedia.com people often ask me, well what if the post is wrong, how would you ensure credibility and correctness if anyone can post anything they think up.  My question to them is, how do you know what has been published is necessarily correct or credible?  In my discrete math course, they taught me a second price auction method invented by Noble laureate William Vickrey, well accepted and hundreds of papers around it, eBay, Google Ads, and Yahoo sponsored search using the method.  I recently filed a patent on an auction method that has worst case performance equal to it, and best case performance is signficantly better.  Take another example, in my Molecular algorithms class, I was taught an DNA computing error correction method which worked in Order(N^2), and I designed one that does it in Order(1)! It was presented at the International DNA Computing Conference and also at the Stanford BCATS conference.  Wow, you might be going this guy is a genius, but now let’s look at the situation with a different worldview: I have a GPA of 3.04 barely enough to graduate, the requirement being 3.0, whereas most everyone else has 3.8 to 4.3.  Why? Because I took classes in which I nearly failed.  I took all the risks I could to maximize my learning, not my grades.  In fact, I would argue most people with higher grades know far less.  Even I don’t know or understand most of the stuff they taught me, but the stuff I did get, I either know it is right, or I know ways to tear it apart and fix it, but this is just individual ability.  In fact, I would say it is my ability to take risk that has allowed me to take a wide range of courses without letting advisers and systems like GPA and worries about employment.  The secret to the invention of my amazing algorithms is not my genius, but the much wider worldview than the typical people working with these algorithms.

In all this time, I have also tried working with lots of different groups, led startups, and one thing I have learned is the group always does better if I don’t force my leanings upon the group – regardless of how much I think I know.  So maybe I’m wrong often, but I’m right this time.  The GPA system, the stringent reference systems in wikipedia, the employment procedures, corporate evaluation procedures, bureaucracies, they all reward the non-risk takers and the non-creative thinkers.  Whackpedia therefore, is meant to help counter that and reward the risk takers, the creative thinkers, and allow not just repetition of printed information, but create new thoughts as a group, while maintaining the identity of the individuals.  So, while this wordpress blog is nice, I typically like to write in Whackpedia where I can be a little more organized with the categories and have more features, share with the world, and hear from the world, and always refer back to my creative work. 🙂

Anyways, thanks for reading, I will now get back to writing my second book, “The Quantum Inspiration,” and finish reading Tina’s book.



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