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My Ideal Brainstorming Space April 16, 2009

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We talked some about facilitating brainstorming, so I thought I would share some ideas for my ideal brainstorming environment.

It needs to be a dynamic environment, so everything should be on wheels, allowing it to be reconfigured on the fly.  Tables large enough for team work and chairs are important, but not necessary for every task.  I liked the idea of tables with whiteboard material that you can write on.  Having the portable whiteboards in class is great as well because we can pass them around more easily.  All the walls will be whiteboard or similar writable surfaces.  One key with the whiteboards is to always have enough pens and erasers, otherwise they are useless.

As far as electronics go, I would want the room wired with power outlets.  It should also have wifi.  I like the three screen setup we have in the classroom because it allows for easier presentations, especially if you need to show a design and an outline.  In a futuristic room, all the whiteboards will actually be touchscreen computer displays that are interlinked.  They would allow someone to draw an item on the table then transport it to the wall for display.

I like having food.  I eat a lot, and I find that eating helps me think creatively.  Plus, providing breakfast allows employees to take more time to worry about other things in the morning.  Less stress and more sleep means better brainstorming.

I want to have boxes of gadgets and do-dads available.  We talked about the inspiration various items can have.  I personally think better when I am fidgeting with something in my hands.  When my hands don’t have to sit idle, it opens my creativity more.



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