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How Cooliris Finds Great People April 20, 2009

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Over this past summer, my job was to find graphic designers for cooliris.  It was much less important who they were or what their experience was, and much more important that they had an eye for aesthetic that aligned with Cooliris’s aesthetic.  So I spent a lot of my days going through portfolios that I found online.  One great site I found was: www.reel-exchange.com

We ultimately hired Robert Padbury who has really revamped Cooliris’s UI.  This video was the portfolio we saw that made me excited about him as a potential new hire.  He had a modern sleekness to his work, much like Cooliris wanted.

Everything from the icons to the color screen to the way the wall moves and the way the wall is reflected is designed meticulously by Robert.  He also decided to change the font of Cooliris itself.  As he was doing so, I recall him referring to the new font as crisper, cooler, fresher.  Although I would not have been able to articulate it as well, I definitely got that vibe from the new font.  After this search I’ve viewed everything differently- from my Mac to ESPN.  They all have designers that explicitly create my user experience.  It is no accident.



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