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Reflections: Shopping Cart Exercise April 28, 2009

Posted by melikeabacioglu in Uncategorized.

Sprinkles: Great job consulting the company itself and learning more about the culture: how they embraced the line, how you explored the financials of the make the waiting part of the experience. Though one thing to think about Candace, the Founder had mentioned at SWIB conference as keynote, that they want to make this little luxury part of everyday life. So I was wondering whether this clashes at all with the unreachibility?

Victoria’s Secret: Amazing job! Great idea presentation! way to focus on one segment and making a clear problem statement. It was very interesting to hear the original mission of victoria’s secret and how it transformed to be what it is today.

Godiva: I loved the rapid prototyping idea! That is apparently how Paul Buchheit of google  invented gmail and helped adsense, using a code that was intended for a different purpose and quickly experimenting with the old code. one thing I was thinking though, if the strawberries are so accesible and not covered with the glass panes, will they be hygienic enough to be sold??



1. johnshinozaki - April 28, 2009

Thank you for the comment (name?) on behalf of the Godiva project, the d.EXTREME team.

Yes, with FDA rules, we may want to add a “non-reflective” casing on the displayed strawberries on our mobile cart idea. The “non-reflectiveness” can be achieve is there is proper shading around the kiosk, glass material, and proper contour.

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