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What Does Ubiquitous Data Mean for Creativity? April 29, 2009

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Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP of Product Management at Google, has 4 recommendations for students pursuing careers in the 21st Century:

1. Be Open. We are in the age of combinatorial innovation. Starting in the 1800s with interchangeable parts to the 1960s with integrated components and now mashups with APIs. A big challenge for our generation is to think not only about competition but collaboration.
2. Assume a super computer. Whether you believe in Moore’s law or not, assume you will eventually have free storage, bandwidth, and processing power. Keep in mind that convergence is happening in the cloud, not the device.
3. Become a data samurai. Data is the sword of the 21st century. The scarce factor is the ability to understand data.
4. Think of big problems and you’ll solve small ones along the way.

Creativity is ingrained in each of Rosenberg’s recommendations as we “learn to learn” for the rest of our lives.

Enrique Allen



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