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My iPod Notes from the IDEO tour April 30, 2009

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Sam from Ideo give a tour of Prototyping room

Ideo tour

Excuse the spelling errors, but I would like to share my notes and thoughts from the IDEO tour.

Forensics station
More resolved physical prototypes



Blood donor system
Redesign the experience
Have people share their stories
Why I give
To help them become familiar

Made to stick

Be human centered
Design with sincerity
Encompasses everything

How to break down the barriers between departments
No office
No desk
I come and ask who do I need to connect with today

When you work with a company the people internal will not Like you
The key is collaboration

Talkk to the company
Who are you what isyour brand all about
Help see their futur through another looking glass

Build the product
Version two has higher quality material

Case study 1 blood bank

Case study 2
cookiomg ware

Case 3

Western digital books
New view

Case study 4
Kaiser permanent
How do we work people
Worked with the nurses
Because they know the INS and out

Serving competitor
Serve one at a time
Have different office works for different companies
Work this into the contract

We don’t control patent or worry about ip

Clients have had a hard time understaning that we are not experts of anything so we are not responsible for infringement

We don’t foster experts
It’s generalists
People who can bring in lots of ideas

d.EXTREME team brainstorming with post-its for the shopping center project


Need candy to think!


Our strategy to begin was to list all the present problems we know from our own experience.

Share any interesting features of a shopping mall we want to explore.

See if we found any similarities.



Three d.EXTREME members were then able to meet up on Monday to check out the mall ahead of time.

We went to about 5 stores: clothing, furniture, tech toys and candy store.



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