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White House and Social Innovation May 30, 2009

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d.Extreme‘s letter to Pres. Obama got me thinking… what is the White House doing regarding innovation and entrepreneurship? A quick perusal of www.whitehouse.gov led me to the newly created Office of Social Innovation -and a really cool bill just passed into legislation on April 21, 2009….

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, meant to “usher in a new era of national service,”  comes with the establishment of the Social Innovation Fund. The Fund has allotted $50 million for the 2010 Fiscal year to be given to existing grant-making institutions to start their own Social Innovation Grant programs.

What types of activities can the Fund go to? According to AmericaForward:

“The Funds may be focused on serving a specific local geographic area (for example a neighborhood, group of rural counties, city, state, or an identifiable region) or address one of the following issues:

  • Education for economically disadvantaged students
  • Child and youth development
  • Reductions in poverty or increases in economic opportunity
  • Health, including access to health services and health education
  • Resource conservation and local environmental quality
  • Civic engagement
  • Reductions in crime”

(Check out the full article at: http://www.americaforward.org/2009/05/details-on-the-social-innovation-fund-from-the-serve-america-act/)

Pretty neat!


Very interesting glimpse at the future of collaboration (according to Google) May 29, 2009

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Google Wave was just announced today at the Google I/O conference. It is a very interesting look at Google’s vision for the future of communication on the internet. Of particular interest to me are the potential applications for real time collaboration on the internet. It would be very interesting to use this tool set and engage in some of the brainstorming/mind mapping activities that we have learned in class.

Team ZEN’s Music Video – ‘Whoomp Frog Design’ May 28, 2009

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Check out our Loopt map! May 28, 2009

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We have created an interactive map that can be used to explore the history of Loopt, and several of the creative strategies and methodologies of the company.

My stop motion film: “Orange Takes Flight” May 28, 2009

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Made it this afternoon…hope you like!


Dominoes May 27, 2009

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I am amazed! People can be soooo creative with Dominoes! It’s overwhelming…..

Creative Skit May 26, 2009

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I thought that the presentations today were awesome, and it was interesting to hear how all of the companies really thought hard about how to best incorporate creativity into their cultures.  I really enjoyed the process of learning about our company  and working on the video and presentation for today.  It was a great project.  Just watching some of the presentations and skits today, as well as helping to make one for our team, I got to wondering if there is anywhere out in the corporate world where people still do skits and stuff to get a message across.  This is a video of a new commercial by Nike that I came across that I think has a lot of similarities with some of the stuff about our companies that we’re trying to present in class.  I think commercials in general have to look to be creative in order to engage their audience and make them interested in whatever their product is.  Anyway, hopefully you enjoy the commercial, as it is also relevant to the NBA playoffs that are currently in full swing.

Manga/Comics on the Iphone May 26, 2009

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I’m a super-huge manga nerd, and it turns out that I read a lot of new mangas on my iphone. For n00bs, a manga is pretty similar to a comic book. It didn’t take me long to realize that companies that release mangas could actually sell that content on the appStore. However, I didn’t think beyond the obvious – I was thinking of static images moved with finger swipes. Then I read the article posted below and realized that there was so much more potential for comics (and pretty much any other data delivery device) on the iphone. After you read, post what you felt could be done to make the best experience for comics.


Marvel to start selling digital comic books on iTunes, and why the format might help children learn

Tue, Feb 10, 2009Analysis, Featured, News

Marvel Entertainment announced at the New York Comic Con that it would begin selling a new form of digital comics on iTunes. According to GeeksOfDoom, this new breed of comic, which are called motion comics, will “feature panels that animate scenes and add spoken dialog from voice actors.”
It all sounds pretty cool, and it seems that the typical layout of a comic book lends itself quite easily to a device like the iPhone or iPod Touch. Swiping a screen in order to see the next panel in a comic, with accompanying voices no less, sounds awesome, and could usher in a whole new audience for comic book makers altogether. Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada alluded to this in a recent interview where he pointed out that there are a large number of individuals who don’t read comic books, but who have nevertheless developed an interest, via movies and video games, in Marvel characters such as the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman.
iTunes, though, isn’t the only medium Marvel plans on using to distribute its hybrid form of comic. In addition to iTunes, Marvel also has plans to showcase its motion comics on its own website, as streaming video on other websites, on its own YouTube channel, and potentially on other mobile devices as well. Quesada also explained that while the creation process for motion comics is a lot more labor intensive than it is for normal comics, Marvel appreciated the fact that advances in technology have opened up other avenues for comic storytelling that would appeal to existing fans and attract new ones as well.

The first two comic series to receive the motion comic treatment will be the Astonishing X-Men and Spider-Woman, and you can check out what the motion comics will look like in the video trailer below.

On a related note, the idea of motion comics would seem to work quite well as an educational tool for children learning to read. Imagine a game geared towards children where they can watch animated pictures of words with relevant dialogue to help them learn the letters. That sounds like a killer app for parents and children alike, if I do say so myself. Taking it a step forward, imagine if Apple started to develop a slew of children’s and educational applications for the iPod Touch. Wouldn’t that be a clever marketing angle?
If you think about it, there aren’t a lot of programs in the iTunes App Store geared towards children, and dare I say that it’s an untapped market. So go forth my programming-minded readers, and code like you’ve never coded before!

The Segway – It’s a control engineering class project May 25, 2009

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The Segway has evolved from a classic control engineering problem to a cool way for mall cops to patrol more effectively.

Here is a video of a project where students have successfully implemented a control design that balances an inverted pendulum:

The Segway is simply…..an inverted pendulum. This dude made his own:

The Uno Motorcycle was inspired by the Segway:


What will people think of next?

Crying Over Spilt Milk May 25, 2009

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The new square milk jug that Wal-Mart and Costco have begun to sell has been getting mixed reviews.

This new milk carton design decreases transportation costs, and allows customers to obtain fresher milk. 


However, for some reason, people keep complaining about how hard it is to pour. Apparently, you need to use two hands to pour the milk, and people think that is too inconvenient.

The majority of the people interviewed don’t want to switch to the new square milk carton, because it is difficult to pour.

Therefore, I am led to believe that many people would rather stick to tradition and continue to harm the environment even though there is a reasonable solution that would require them to simply pour milk with two hands instead of one. 

CLICK HERE – These kids make it look easy