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Where I’ve Bean May 4, 2009

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At our recent visit to 1185 design, Team EAR was assigned to investigate Peet’s coffee. In the Peet’s stores we visited, we encountered striking scents, rich brown interiors, aged furniture, and marketing that emphasizes Peet’s hand crafted coffees and teas. It’s a more sophisticated location to grab your coffee on the run – it’s for people with loads of culture and knowledge of coffee who don’t necessarily have the time to sit down and enjoy a long afternoon.

In order to push this brand we came up with an insert for the side of Peet’s cups. It is in the shape of a bean (reminiscent of the color scheme, aged feel and roasty smells of a Peet’s store) and can fit in a pocket or wallet and later be returned for a small discount. It also has a scratch and sniff patch to remind the customer of the taste long after they drank their cup down. Finally, it has information to educate the customer about coffee – birth place of the bean, dates, adjectives of the flavor and suggestions for more coffees. With this insert, we hoped to promote the aesthetics of Peet’s as well as encourage the everyday customer to join the sophisticated, educated culture pushed by Peet’s.

I later found a similar educative schema on Peet’s website (http://www.peets.com/learn/learn.asp). They have a program that describes and suggests coffee – a virtual version of our bean!




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