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Camp Six @ 1185 May 5, 2009

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1)    What is the brand promise?

Starbucks commits to delivering delicious, coffee-inspired beverages and fresh food within an interactive, comfortable and globally inspired experience.

2)    What one word would best describe this brand?

Coffeelicious!  (Delivered with une accente Francaise).  Coffee -nected works too.

3)    I there was one thing you could change about the brand what would it be?

Overemphasis on the yuppy vibe.  This quality may be regional and location-specific but it may turn off some customers.

4)    What is the most innovative quality of this brand?

Starbucks turns a relatively ordinary activity -drinking coffee- into a fully branded, comfortable, cultural, experience.  Slogans such as ‘a cup and a sigh’, ‘tastes like home’ and ‘the first page of a book’ are splashed artistically across the walls.

5)    Will this brand survive for another five years?

Yes.  Like any large corporation, while Starbucks runs into the occasional speed bump with regard to its business practices, the company has a firmly established brand that can weather all sorts of adverse market conditions.  Unless the coffee runs out of course!

6)    Close your eyes and from memory describe one memorable element that you will always associate with this brand only.

We imagine the worldly, European inspired motifs infusing the artwork and the décor that characterize small coffee shops but that one does not tend to associate with large coffee chains.  We also picture the green mermaid logo that adorns, well, everything.



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