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Restoration Hardware May 5, 2009

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Feeling the refreshing outdoor experience

Our team, Team Innov8 visited the store Restoration Hardware and found that it is a furniture store that caters to a casual, yet elegant lifestyle.  They excel at turning everyday objects into beautiful and desirable home decor, as seen in the picture above, but everything they have is packaged together as part of an experience.

Therefore, instead of just creating a new beverage for them, we created a whole new experience.  We named it the Nostalgia Collection, as Nostalgia was the one word that we thought best described the store.  Within it we had a very nice, reusable glass bottle that had both fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea in it that were mixed together when the top was spun off.  There was also a coaster for the drink that was included within the wooden box that held the collection.  We thought that this design went along with what we considered to be the most innovative quality of the Restoration Hardware brand, which was the ability to repackage something familiar in a classic and elegant manner.

While we thought that this brand may have a hard time over the next five years because of its placement as a high-end furniture store during hard economic times, we believe that it will survive.  If there was one thing that we thought they could change though, it was the name of the store, as we thought that it was misleading.  Most of us expected to go to a actual hardware or building supplies store when we heard the name.

After the visit, the one memorable element that we will continue to associate with the store is a Monopoly game in a solid oak casing that the store sold.  It was the epitome of their brand.  Taking something simple and making it an elegant addition to any room. 

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience and the chance to work with people who do this as a job. Thanks for the great opportunity.      

-Team Innov8



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