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Scribbles @ Anthropologie May 5, 2009

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The Anthropologie brand offers a unique experience with each visit.  Boasting a collection of products ranging from women’s clothing to home decor, it all comes together with a notion of authenticity.  When in the store, imagination took over, from the exotic scents, to interesting knobs,


what differentiates Anthropologie from its competitors is that it sells a lifestyle, not just a range of products.

If there was one thing we could change about the brand it would be to distill the brand image even to a more simpler message. Currently it is honeycombs, human portraits, water falls, but then also flowery ornaments, old wood; we feel that though the brand promises a unique yet sophisticated experience, a more focused approach would be beneficial in our eyes.

We feel that the most innovative quality of the Anthropologie brand is the store experience. It feels like you are in a exibitoon or art gallery and not just shopping for necessity but making the whole shopping experience a more enjoyable one where you can spend your whole afternoon if you have the time.


We feel that the brand will survive another five years.  Interestingly enough, Anthropologie does not use mass advertising and from what we saw, it seemed that Athropologie has been able to garner a set of loyal customers.  Because it is selling an experience, a lifestyle unless its current shoppers change this lifestyle Anthrolopigie will continue to stay open for business.


For me I will always associate Anthropologie with its captivating scent, mainly its guava-pineapple candle.  It was the first smell I sensed when  entered the store.993044_blu_b1



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