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Shopping Center Design Project- Godiva Goodness May 5, 2009

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A lot goes into building a brand image, which not only includes product style and presentation, but also an entire company culture. Even with the most perfect design, a shopping store brand is only marketable through its delivery. Employees are what matter most for building a successful, marketable, and efficient store brand. At Godiva, the store design and product displays were elegant and golden, aligned well with the brand image of high-end luxury chocolates. However, the store was empty, and did not have much business. When interacting with the employee, she was distracted, uninterested, and unhappy. Employee attitude and morale is an integral part of brand culture and product presentation. Every product has a human factor. Every succussful product communicates something to the sutomer that he or she needs or wants. The employee is the venue for this communication.

However, with the rise of modern technology and online shopping, how has the need for employee satisfaction decreased, increased, or reamined stable? What is in the future for the human relations component of successful product branding?



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