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Title Nine: Nine On The Move May 5, 2009

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For the Chumbawambas, our next project was to create a beverage/bottle for Title Nine, a women’s athletic apparel store. When we walked inside the local Palo Alto store, we found that it was a business geared toward soccer moms and women on the go.

After going through several ideas, our group decided to create Nine on the Move, a water bottle filled with 9 essential things for women on the go such as: sunscreen, hair ties, shoelaces, a first aid kit, energy bar, energy drink, lip balm, hairband, and the bottle itself! We really felt our creative juices flowing during the two hours, and I felt like this was a very high pressure, high creativity activity. Within thouse two hours, though, we were able to come up with a great product in two hours and we were able to prototype it using the given materials. We really liked the idea and we thought that it would help with the branding of the business to have a product that would combine all of the little knickknacks we saw inside the store.

Thanks for the great project!



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