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Palo Alto Creamery May 6, 2009

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Last Thursday our group, Team Zen, had the opportunity to visit the Palo Alto Creamery with Katy, an 1185 design expert.  During the walk from the studio to the restaurant we discussed our past experiences and perceptions of the restaurant.  After briefly examining the exterior of the building, we gave into our milkshake cravings, entered the establishment and settled into a big red vinyl booth to experience first-hand the charm of the Peninsula Creamery.

In total, we spent a little over an hour in the restaurant.  We tried two milkshakes, talked to several employees, interviewed customers, examined the furniture and menu, and discussed our observations and findings.  After taking it all in, we returned to 1185 to brainstorm, prototype and present.  



Using the materials provided to us and a lot of focused creativity under time pressure, we transformed a water bottle into something far more meaningful and functional that really captured the essence of this Palo Alto mainstay. 


1) What is the brand promise?

Classic comfort, good food, affordable prices and a friendly community.  Just as you remember it.

2) What one word would best describe this brand?  Classic

3) If there was one thing you could change about the brand what would it be?

It seems that the creamery has recently tried to change its look to appeal to the younger, hip crowd.  I think that this is a mistake.  I like the original logo and decor that remains from the early years of operation.  I would recommend that they focus on what they are good at and has made them successful, and keep it.  People come to the Creamery because it is different, and are not looking for another Counter or Pluto’s.  Change the logo back to a more classic, original design and make the t-shirts less witty and modern. 

4) What is the most innovative quality of this brand?

The way that they have endured in the community for over 85 years.  They are constantly having to update their look, while keeping constant the diner look and feel.  

5) Will this brand survive for another five years?

Yes.  The Creamery has been around since 1923 and still remains quite popular with people of all ages and backgrounds.  

6) Close your eyes and from memory describe one memorable element that you will always associate with this brand only.milkshake

I will always associate the frosted stainless steel milkshake cups and accompanying thick shakes with the Palo Alto Creamery.  



1. unopin - May 12, 2009

So on a random note the creamery is an awesome place. I called them for like an entire carton of ice cream and the guy just rolled out with a whole thing of ice cream. It was pretty nice.

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