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Team Dynamix – Apple Juice! May 6, 2009

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Apple Juice

1) Apple promises REVOLUTIONARY, ELEGANTLY SIMPLE, RELIABLE, and SEXY technology products.

2) The one word that best describes Apple: sexy.

3) If we could change one thing about the Apple brand, we would make it more accessible to less “cosmopolitan” areas. For example, some of us live in areas (Ohio and Minnesota) where the nearest Apple store is 45-70 minutes away! This makes it difficult to shop for new Apple products and take advantage of the many services offered in-store such as “Genius” appointments and one-on-one technical support.

4) The most innovative quality of the Apple brand is its vision. Apple is always on the cutting edge of new technology. In addition, the way the company packages and advertises its products is fun, youthful, energetic, modern, and full of vitality!

5) Apple will, without a doubt, survive for another five years.

6) A memorable element that we will always associate with the Apple brand is the signature apple logo, which is found on every Apple product and has been an ubiquitous symbol of the company since its inception.



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