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Fraiche – A tasty bold concept with loads of passion May 7, 2009

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Discussing the Fraiche story in a pleasant ambiance while eating fresh yogurt was an awesome experience.

Here are the questions we majorly concentrated on ,

if anyone can suggest any other major points that we should discuss on our next trip , we will offer an handsome reward of  FRESH YOGURT 🙂  —

1. How did you choose Palo Alto for your store? What were the primary factors (resident type, proximity to a college, wealth, inclination to health food, proximity to Whole Foods, etc.)?
2. What was your basic business model? What were you trying to sell -a new type of frozen yogurt? -a health food? -a hang out spot? How has that business model changed in light of the recession.
3. What do you feel is innovative about your product? Your store?
4. How do you advertise?
5. How do seasons affect your business?
6. Since you’re primarily considered a “frozen yogurt shop,” why do you open at 7:30 am? How do your other products sell in comparison to frozen yogurt?
7. What’s in the name “Fraiche”? How do you pronounce it, how did you choose it? It seems like a sharp break from other health fro yo places such as Red Mango and Pinkberry which have a strong Asian influence/origin.
8. What’s innovative about the way you two work together (the two owners).
9. Where do you see Fraiche in 5 years? 10 years? Will it be a franchise?
10. How does Wharton influence your business career? Does a business degree encourage innovation?



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