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ALL IN-Card game experience May 11, 2009

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Overall, I had mixed feelings about last class’s card game. I liked and disliked it because of the same reason: too much like the real life out there (and by out there I mean outside of 94305).

The game very much simulated what’s its like to start a company. You’ll have an end goal, a team, changing market, employees that are taken by competitors, competition (sometimes deceitful) and a final outcome of your efforts were your company succeeds or fails.

I think this is why entrepreneurship is not for the weak hearted. Starting a company is very draining so anybody who couldn’t really deal with last class’s excercise might not be best suited for entrepreneurship. I think the most important thing though is to always go all in when you are starting a company. Put your best cards in the table, have faith in your vision and team and keep your poker face on!



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