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Takeaways from Big Deal May 11, 2009

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In my opinion, the Big Deal competition from last Thursday’s class was one of our most interesting exercises all quarter. My takeaways include:

  • Physical layout of the ecosystems played the critical role in encouraging collaboration (or erecting communication barriers and distrust for that matter). When I start a company, or join a startup, I plan to incorporate this learning into workspace optimizations.
  • I displayed a tendency to ask permission and clarify rules before breaking them. It’s not in my instinct to break rules. Maybe an area I need to work on in order to become a successful entrepreneur?
  • I favored collaboration in my ecosystem if and only if (a) there were clear benefits to teaming up and (b) my team would be protected if the partnership went sour. Some people say that teamwork and collaboration are always better than competition. I am inclined to disagree, especially if those first two conditions are not met. Am I being too protective, or am I not trusting enough? I don’t know. It’s just hard to be completely trusting in a competitive environment in which, at any point and at any time, incentives and alliances may change.

What do you all think?

– Shalin



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