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House of Cards Reflection- Competition as a motivating or discouraging factor for creativity? May 12, 2009

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In the House of Cards experiment, I felt initially excited and motivated to explore strategy and rules to the game. However, once some team members started strategizing the objective in terms of external competition instead of internal collaboration, I began to feel increasingly  tired and distracted. My engagement in brainstorming and productivity of creative ideas dropped, as I felt more isolated from the environment and from my own team.

In contrast, in the Appreciation Card excercise, the discussion of competition with others motivated collaboration, enthusiatism, and efficiency. Although competition was a fueling factor, it was not the focus of the group dynamic and thinking. Sharing of ideas, prototyping, and building upon ideas became the driving force and main focus of my team. However, in the House of Cards excercise, the perception of a zero-sum game narrowed our group thinking and focus on the external competitive factor. The atmosphere was defensive and stressful. Solutions were uncreative in comparison to the similar house of card designs of the other groups.

Is any real-life situation ever a zero-sum game? How does society organize itself physically to encouragae open-minded thinking and collaboration? What environmental structures encourage the perception of danger, and the likelihood for hostility and defensiveness?



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