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In SF, Checking out Autodesk Gallery May 14, 2009

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On a flip of a coin, I took my chances on taking a d.school trip to the Autodesk Gallery in SF not knowing what to expect.  I thought, “I’m a CAD user, let’s see what Autodesk is up to.”  So below, there’s me grinning at a giant dinosaur made out of legos.  Meredith in the middle is adding a lego piece to the unfinished structure, and Adam to the left is dashing off to another exhibit.


One Laptop Per Child was made with Autodesk software.  Pictures of Version 2.0 is shown in the pull out glass shelf.    I don’t know where the designers got their idea from, but 2.0 looks like a fold out, mini laptop version of the iPhone.


Actually, looking at the picture above now, Meredith has the wrong glass shelf open, so…about the 2.0 laptop looking like an iPhone, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Below, model of the new Cathedral in Oakland.  Fascinating structure made with patterns from the Fibonacci Series…Hidden image of Jesus in a perforated steel wall.


Below, Adam is checking out the model of the new, upcoming Bay Bridge in SF.  It was designed with Autodesk!  Does anyone know if it will be the longest suspended bridge in the world?  I think I heard the tour guide say that.



Charlotte, Community Director of the d.school, is dissassembling a motorcycle with her hands on a touch screen.  Cooooooool.


The tour ended with a table discussion about where we think CAD designing needs to go.   In the picture Charlotte and Adam are listening intently to Joels jabbering.


Me being me with strangers, I’m quiet, listening, day dreaming and shoot’n photos of the discussion.


Reid here is talking about the “process.”  “It’s about the process.  Process.  Process.  Process.  We need to learn how to model the process as we model the product.”   (This isn’t exactly what he said, but he said process several times while discussing his thoughts. )


Awesome gestures from Adam.  “If we can just become Jedis we could use the force to spread design thinking.”  (He didn’t really say this.)


“I agree Adam.  And, I think we are this far away from getting there.”

“Yes, Meredith. Yes.”

The picture below is just me showcasing my photo of the day.  It’s an artistic model of a gallery with a jazz band entertaining a crowd.  I Love it.


Make a Pandora station of Miles Davis and be creative.



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