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Journal Transfers: Shopping Center Project May 14, 2009

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Nike Intro

So these are the floor plans to Team EAR’s Redesigning the Nike Fitting Room Experience.

Original Fitting Room

New Fitting Room

Working on the shopping mall project was a great experience! It was exciting to see the shopping cart project and to be able to implement a similar task over the period of a week. What I liked most about our “solution” is that we proposed changes that are not conventional to the current dressing room experience – across all types of retail products. In addition, we brainstormed around the idea of “If I could have anything in the dressing room to help me make a better decision, it would be..” Like many groups, we travelled around other stores to get a feel for what we liked about their fitting room experience and whether we could integrate it into the Nike experience. Ultimately though, we decided that Nike already had the best experience, we just thought it could be “taken to the next level.” Of course, designing our ideal fitting room experience is always different from designing Nike’s customers’ fitting room experience. I showed our layout and explained the changes to ten different friends. Some were hard-core athletes, and others.. well, let’s just say not so much.

While they loved the buzzer system, the waiting room experience, and the major, physical dressing room changes, (and of course, who doesn’t need a little space,) what they thought was not necessary was the minor changes in the room and the additional space and privacy in the “runway + mirror” part. See below:






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