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Bathroom Musings, courtesy of Portland Airport May 15, 2009

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Toilet in UseConventional Toilet Use

I’m sure most of you have noticed the new dual flush toilets spreading across campus. You know, the ones with the funky green handle that you can pull up or push down? How many of you actually pull up when you go number 1? Very few I’d guess.

Sloan's Manual Dual FlusherSloan’s Manual Dual Flusher:Up for liquid wast, Down for solid waste

We’re all conditioned to push down on the flusher, so the dual function (less water flow for pulling up on the handle) has been grossly underutilized. Sloan Valve Company has created an innovative solution to this problem by automating the process. If you’re in the stall for less than 1 minute, then the toilet flushes 0.5 gallons less water than if you stay in the stall for more than a minute. Brilliant! Not only does the automated control ensure that the low flow setting will be used when appropriate, it also eliminates the need for the user to physically touch the device. Hooray for hygiene! The Portland airport recently installed 330 Sloan dual flush toilets and has an estimated water savings of 30,000 gallons daily! And the infrared sensor operates on only 4 AA batteries with a battery life of 3 years.

Sloan's Automated Dual FlusherSloan’s Automated Dual Flusher



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