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Post-It Stop Motion Film June 11, 2009

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This is really neat!  I hope that everyone has a great summer – keep in touch!


Why the Place You Choose to Live is the Most Important Decision of Your Life June 5, 2009

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Why the Place You Choose to Live is the Most Important Decision of Your Life
Enrique Allen

Awesome Commerical with over 15 million views! June 2, 2009

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Hello Classmates,

I am not saying that I agree or disagree with the message that this commercial is trying to send, but I must say it was quite entertaining and effective to say the least.


On Presenting… June 2, 2009

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The presentations were all fun and engaging.  I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts for what seemed to work the best.

-Decorations were fantastic for setting the atmosphere and getting me into the mindset of each corporation.  I was especially impressed by the fruits everywhere for the Jamba Juice group.

-Class involvement in the presentation was also extremely beneficial.  I liked the Jamba team’s method of rotating stations with each station leader imparting information about the company and its process.  I thought the class responded best to projects that encouraged us to innovate new solutions for the company.  We felt like we were a part of the process.

-The Loopt group’s Google Maps presentation was awesome.  What a cool way to pull up visual aspects of your presentation.

-Every group used much of the wide bredth of media available in the room, which kept the presentations lively and dynamic.  For a tech junkie like me, it was fun just to see everything incorporated into one presentation.

-Twitter’s paper tweets really grabbed me.  I’m a bit resistive to twitter and other forms of constant electronic communication, but they bridged the gap well.

Paper Tweet

Fail your way to success June 1, 2009

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