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Electronic Arts

Team EAR’s Page on Electronic Arts:



1. bw2009 - May 6, 2009

We on team EAR plan to investigate the creativity of Electronic Arts. Founded in 1982, EA produces video games for a current net profit of $4 billion a year. The video game industry requires constant innovation to continue to provide an interesting gaming experience. We plan to study the ways in which EA fosters creativity.

2. vivianywang - May 7, 2009

I have also been listening to these video clips on Edcorner by Nick Earl, Arcadia Kim, and Erin Turner about their thoughts on the gaming industry and entrepreneurship within the company. (http://edcorner/search.html?keywords=EA&x=0&y=0) Hopefully they will provide insight on some of the questions we’re exploring:

How does EA foster creativity? Some of the questions we have so far include: what is the process for coming up with new games/concepts? How are existing games maintained or updated? How does EA investigate customer needs/wants? How are teams within the company formed and how do they operate (brainstorming methods)? What is the EA work environment like? Are there any explicit incentives for creativity? What are some critiques of your company (structure/ethics/ethos)?

3. vivianywang - June 2, 2009

Here is the link to our EAR wiki site. We have a lot more information about the creativity and innovation(both environment and processes) of EA that we couldn’t fit into the presentation so of people are interested in looking at that information, it’s all included under the “Electronic Arts” section. We also included a link to a copy of our keynote presentation. Thanks!


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