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1. ruchia82 - May 7, 2009

Camp Six has chosen Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects company behind blockbusters like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and Iron Man, as the subject of our creative project. As a company whose existence and success is predicated on its ability to innovate, the visual effects created by ILM are cutting edge and as life-like as the present technology permits.

We went to ILM’s Presidio campus; and had a tour of the facility. As a result, we learned the following information:

· ILM generally works on projects that last a few months to a couple of years with a team size as small as 1 person to as large as 700 (for Transformer 2)

· ILM acquires projects in the following ways: develops strong, often exclusive relationships with major Hollywood directors, bids for projects that are shopped throughout the movie industry

· ILM often invents proprietary technologies in conjunction with their projects. The company was the first to create a completely digital emotive character (Casper), as well as a fully computer generated humanoid (The Mummy)

· ILM enjoys flexibility in employee numbers, often taking on extra personnel for particularly large projects. The company has a standing staff of approximately 500 employees but can swells its ranks to 1,000 people depending on the number of projects the company secures at one time. As an organization they stay very nimble

· Teams consist of people from various backgrounds-Electrical and mechanical engineers, Arts majors, History majors, Computer Science PHDs

· Owns 50 patents for various innovative technologies but tends not to emphasize this aspect of the business.

· ILM was the first company to use motion capture technique which uses a retro-reflective technology coupled with infra-red cameras to capture motion with accuracy

· They were also the first to develop a technology to capture performance while generating a digital image using motion capture (Van Helsing)

· The company prides itself on its ability to innovate. Lives by the mantra that nothing is impossible. When movie directors want to do something ILM’s job is to figure out how to do it.

· The company takes sustainability very seriously – all the cutlery used in the cafeteria are recycled products

· Prototyping is a way of life at ILM. Every project is prototyped multiple times using various materials. This helps ILM manage their high level of quality.

– Employees personalize their workspaces with models and toys

– Every common space/wall is covered with momentos from ILM films

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