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Keep on working on your Creativity Portfolio!

We hope you are making progress on your group projects–there are only four weeks until the presentations!!!



1. tseelig - April 24, 2009

In an effort to extract as much value as possible from the Shopping Center project, please post your individual reflections on the class blog. It will certainly make for fascinating reading for all of us as well as for the students who are away at the track meet.

In preparation for next Tuesday’s class, please read part A and B of the Cirque du Soleil case in the course reader. Think about current industries that are also ripe for innovation. Extra credit goes to anyone who comes to class dressed as a clown… I am already planning my costume. 🙂

For next Thursday’s class, remember to wear walking shoes since we will be doing some field work in Palo Alto. Peggy has an amazing project planned for us.

Also, your team status reports are due next Thursday morning. Please e-mail them to the teaching team by 10:00 AM. They should be no longer than two pages and include the following:
– The company you are studying
– Your contacts at that company
– The key questions you are addressing
– Your project action plan

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