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Pomegranate Phone April 28, 2009

Posted by schang09 in Uncategorized.

If you haven’t seen this ad campaign before, please click here to view the Pomegranate Phone!

This phone is amazing. I’m not going to spoil the experience for new users, but let’s just say that this marketing campaign is somewhat of a surprise! I think it is an extremely creative and innovative way of marketing.



1. johnshinozaki - April 28, 2009

That phone looks amazing, and the website is awesome. I enjoy the stream of media posters you can click on. I need one of those on my computer that is customizable.

Can this be a start-up idea? Does it already exist?

2. raymondbraun - April 28, 2009

I definitely agree with you, Sally; what a creative and innovative design and marketing campaign! Thanks for sharing!

3. johnshinozaki - April 28, 2009

The Pomegranate phone is part of a $300,000 ad campaign put together by Nova Scotia. Yes, that Nova Scotia, the small province in southeastern Canada.

The website is part of the Nova Scotian government’s “Come to Life” ad campaign, which hopes to build interest in the province virally through nontraditional means, a spokesman for the campaign said in an e-mail. And an imaginary cellphone would certainly classify as nontraditional.

“We needed to find a unique way to get people focused on our province,” another “Come to Life” representative, Stacey Jones-Oxner, said in an e-mail. “Since there is so much buzz out there around the newest and latest smartphones, we thought this was a good device to use. This is especially true when you consider that the people who are interested in the latest technology are often people involved in business and tend to be key influencers.”

4. Claire - April 28, 2009

omg. i actually spent a minute wanting it- until we got to the coffee maker. GOT ME. But in all seriousness, they created a beautiful, albeit virtual phone. What a smart marketing campaign. It will definitely create buzz, but will it be the right kind? Will there be quantifiable results? Will more people explore nova scotia? We’ll see!

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